Dark Harvest.

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I originally picked this book, Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge, up for my boyfriend. I thought he would enjoy a good read about the horror in a corn field. He’s a farmer. Well being always busy as he was I decided to pick it and start to read. This book…..I don’t even know where to begin…was SCARY. I feared for the lives of the characters. I found while reading a “scary scene” my heart would begin to race. The needs of the main character are laid out right on the table for you to see, I mean read. I loved the fact that in the book you, as the reader, not only new what was going on one place but the author skipped around town so to say to fill you in on how other characters were holding up. Close to the ending of this book I came upon a revelation about the “monster”. Its was demented, crazy and everything else you want in a horror book as a reader. I wanted to jump in the book to help the characters, to tell them what they didn’t know.  I finished the book in a day and a half. Once I picked it up I found it hard to put down. If you ever want to be scared of corn fields, pumpkins or candy PICK THIS BOOK UP!!!! You will never look at these things the same ever again.


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Fledgling…..inexperienced person Firefly Cloak…yay bonding

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