Firefly Cloak…yay bonding

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Well so far from all the other books I have posted about this book is going to be the one a reader could relate better to than the others. Firefly Cloak by Sheri Reynolds is a book I picked up by chance. I was and still am trying to myself into reading some “emotional” books as well as my other choices. I worried at fisrt that I wouldn’t make it past page 30. When reading a book I usually know if I want to continue reading by page 30 or so. Well page 30 came and went. This book entails a crazy rollercoaster ride for the three women in this book. Its a book that shows the bonding between mother, daughter, and grandmother. Every chapter, so to say, is a different characters thoughts or happenings. It cleverly bounces back and forth making you read more to find out what happen to the mom or daughter. This book kinda scared in a way that while reading it I thought that there was a high probability that this has happened, in-a-round-about-way, to someone real. Someone with real feelings. Someone who does not just exist in the 300 page span of the book. I liked it. It was heartwarming. I finished in I would 4-5 days. I suggest this book to any female that has ever had problems with mothers or someone who thinks they’ve got it rough. Read it and you might find that your life is not that bad….well atleast thats what I hope you get from it.


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