My flip soul

11/14/2008 at 9:25 PM Leave a comment

So a dream I had the other night had a character that was called flip soul. I am not getting it for days. I am constantly thinking about it. Flip Soul. Those words have been echoing in my head like crazy for days. I have been wondering what she meant by saying that in my dream. Not to mention every where in my dream were yin and yang signs. So I have been thinking about Yin and Yang and of course Flip Soul. So with this absorbing every minute of my time I think i know what she meant by telling me that. I think that what she meant in my dream by flip soul was that in your life you have a chance to take what you and better yourself or you can stay exactly where you are. Flipping my soul to the better half. Making a change. Knowing what i have done in my past and learning from it.  She was telling me its time to let Yang take over for Yin. The dark side is done. My life has been full of fun and love, trouble, laughs, things that will forever have an effect on who I am and who I will be. Being in trouble or barely escaping trouble. So here it goes. Its time to flip soul. Its time to do the right things in life. Time to have fun the safe way. Should be fun. But I dream and they always effect me. So if I ignored this one it wouldn’t be right.


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My skin Hovering around…..

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