When did love become cliche?

11/17/2008 at 4:23 PM Leave a comment

When did falling in love turn into something that wasn’t bragged about. When did loving someone turn into shame. When did shouting it from the rooftops become stupid! I hate the fact that love has seem to lose some of its power. I miss when love was meant everything for everyone. I miss when love meant bragging about that smile, the hand holding, the first kiss. When did love turn into a battle ground. When did it become a competition. What happened to telling everyone how you found the most wonderful person. I miss when love use to mean a smile that was purposeful. A smile that couldn’t be stopped. A smile that clearly stated ” I am in love”. I miss love when it wouldn’t let the sun set. When it hung the moon high i the sky and full for all lovers to share. I miss when love meant spending the day missing love. When did love turn into a hatred from eveyone else. When did people stop being happy for love. When did it turn into something thatwas taken advantage of or taken for granted. When did love stop being the rock that everyone needed. When did it stop being the air that kept you alive. I miss when love was what woke you up in the morning. What brought your theme song to life. I miss when love was a feeling not so much as a word. I miss when love was at first sight. I miss when people gave it all in a heart beat. I miss when love was then and there. The minute you had your first touch. When did love become something people fought. When did it become something that was shameful and when did it turn into something nobody wanted. What is wrong with us? Why would anybody not want that. That never ending, head over heels, give my own life, miss you, love you entirely  kind of love. The kind of love that was worth fighting for. I am tired of not fighting!


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Hovering around….. The loss of it all…

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