I’m a smoker

06/10/2009 at 8:07 PM Leave a comment

I HAVE to vent about this in hopes that I might reach one of those idiots out there.

My boyfriend and I were talking about my unhealthy habit and something dawned on me. People smoke and people die because of smoking.

I know that and pretty much 100% of the world knows that. Right?

Well what is up with those people who get lung cancer and sue the tobacco companies.

I want to say right now that if this offends anyone I am sorry and I suggest stop reading now.

I know that smoking will eventually give me cancer and possibly cause my death. Doesn’t everyone know that so then why do families of smokers and smokers sue. It makes no sense to me. You knew what you were doing.

For crying out loud it says on the cartons and boxes that smoking is NOT HEATHLY.

It just frustrates me that there are so many stupid people in this world.

Its like overweight people sueing fast food restaraunts. Well stop eating there daily and exercise.

Its not like someone is holding you down and shoving Big Macs down your throat or making you smoke.

People isn’t time we take credit for what we have caused that is wrong in our life.

I have been doing it for years. Its your turn!


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