New job and its craziness

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So at the begining of this month I started a 2nd job at our local farm adn outdoor equipment store. If you know me you this is my home away from home. Anything and everything john deere and fun garden stuff as well as cool little toys for the youngsters. So I have been there for about 3 weeks no and I am loving it. The people I work with are great. they have great sense of humors (minus, we will call her the “Mule”).

So my first problem customer happened last week. So you understand I had only been there for two weeks and I am still soaking everything in. I get to work and go to the back to put my nice little vest on and head up front to my register. Let me tell you, if you have one of these vests on it automatically makes you an expert on anything and everything in the store to anyone who needs help. THis nice lady came up and asked for my help to tell her the price on something I said sure. As she walks behind me back to my register this egoTESTICAL man rudely interrupts this lady and me and asks for help with lawn mowers. I tell yes sir i will have someone over here right away to help you. Everyone was busy. I conitue to help the lady after i get her the price the other cashier (who is so freaking sweet) tells me to be careful because people have been stealing close lately. So this man says m’am and I said I am coming. The other cashier is finishing her sentence aka telling me what to do. This ass yells HEY LADY!! I thought I would cry right then and there. The other cashier turns around on her toes and smiles at him from ear to ear while everyone in the store  is staring at this idiot. She walks over to him and begins to help him. He tells her I know you were busy telling her your plans for tonight but do you tink you could help me. If there was a wayI could combine the words idiot and asshole into one that would describe this guy to a tee. His poor wife was so ashamed!

I am sure there will be more drama with this job. This is my first time to really work with the public. My other job I stay in my little office and rarely see the day of light!

Keep watching for other crazy and wild mishaps staring your truly!


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TruBlood Continued Yay for work!!

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