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So a few weeks ago this young guy came into the store and I of course look and say hi (its my job). That day goes fine and I check him out and he is on his way. He is very nice by the way and always happy.

So last week he comes in again. I tell him hi. He smiles and says hi. He does his shopping and comes to my line for me to check him out. His basket was full and he had a huge tire he was buying so I sat it to the side and we both agreed he could come back inside and pick it up since it wouldn’t fit in the basket and it would be stupid for him to carry it. So a few minutes go by and while I am checking people out I keep glancing at the door to see if he is coming back in.

 Lets give him a name because I feel that this guy will be in many more blogs to come. How about something sweet and boy nextdoor. I will call him Jonathan. Back to the story…

So I keep looking out the door to see if he is coming back and I keep looking to see if teh tire is there. I finish checking people out and run to the door to see if he has left yet. Alot of help that was considering I didn’t know which truck was his. So I look him up in our syste and get his number and give him a ring.

Me, after about five rings ” Is this Jonathan?”

Jonathan, with hesitatin “Yes…”

Me “This is Kaci. You forgot your tire”

Jonathan ” Oh I’m sorry I just have so much on my mind. I will be there in a while to pick it up”

Me ” Ok thank you, bye”

So while waiting for him i joke around with some other girls about how he forgot it purposely because he has got the hots for me.

He comes in picks up the tire and is on his way.

Until next time Jonathan.


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Yay for work!! So he forgot his keys….sure

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