So he forgot his keys….sure

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So today Jonathan walks into the store and smiles at me and says hi and I as well. I immediately tell the girls thats the one who wants me. We all laugh and have a good time well atleast until they all start picking on me about it. I then in turn start getting embarrassed and my face is turning red. So he comes to my line to check out and on one side of me is one girl just smiling at me and behind his back is the other girl I work with smiling at me like crazy. my face continues to turn even more red and I am holding back the laughter.

So he leaves and one “Sue” walks over to the register for something and asks me “Are these your keys?”

Me “NO!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?” (out of sheer humiliatio)

Sue asks “What?”

Me ” These are his keys”

I knew I had to give them to him and I got even more embarrassed.

Needless to say he came back inside and got his keys and my face was bright red!!!!

So now Jonathan probably thinks I am some crazy girl!

Sorry Jon. I’m not I just haven’t been thought of as hott or sexy in the past 4 years  from someone other than Jeff ( my man). Thanks for the ego boost Jonathan!!!!!!


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Works little perks GI Jon

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