Yay for work!!

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So my new job has been a blast. There are so many funny things that tend to happen to me.

Ok so here it is….

This old man came in the store and kind of looked lost so I politely ask if he needs any help. He says no he was just waiting on his boss.

Let me describe what this guy looks like, he is probably early to mid 60’s, he had a old black shirt on tucked into cut off jeans. Thats right I said cut off.

So he and his boss shop around and finally come to check out and I ring everything including this little toy horse. As I hand him his receipt he says WAIT WAIT!!!! He starts digging in the bags and pulls out the little toy horse. And this is the dialogue that follows. We will name him Peter.

Peter ” I got this for you”

Me  ” oh no sir you bought it that is your”

Peter ” No but I bought it for you. Husbands don’t buy flowers for their wives anymore and when they do the wives always what to know what they are for.”

Me ” Sir I can’t take that”

Peter ” No this is for you. Now you can never say no one never got you anything”

And that was that. He walked out while the guys in line behind him are holding in their laughter.

He was weird. Thank goodness I haven’t seen him in the store again. I better knock on wood.


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