GI Jon

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So Jonathan came to visit me again. I have to say I think I am getting better at not turning red and laughing uncontrolably. He didn’t forget anything this time so nothing really exciting about that, BUTT wait there is. So as I check him out, you know his items, hmm there is really no good way to say that…….as I ring up his store items (much better) another girl from work is behind him and mouthing to me to check out his ass. Well he leaves and I, due to other customers needing my help, did not get to see what the fuss was all about. So my coworker begins to tell me. Apparently his back pocket on his wrangler work jeans had ripped a little and in turn made a hole where the corner would be. Ok big deal right, I mean that happens to everybody. So what if you can tell if he wears boxers or briefs. Well thats exactly what I thought until she revealed our sweet cutie pie¬†Jonathan was going commando!!!!!

Have you gone through life missing all the good stuff, if so, say hello to your fearless leader.

I couldn’t believe it! I looked at her in amazement and aww. That was just so ballsy of him or of anyone for that matter. Of course this is when the story goes bad, well atleast for me. “You know he did that just for you” was what I was hearing ALOT. I mean what am I suppose to do. I can’t hide all this sexyness!!! hehe.

No telling what happens next time he comes in!


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So he forgot his keys….sure Shattered Glass

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