Operation A-Hole

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So there is this interesting show on the Tru Channel called Operation Repo. It is obviously about Repoing cars. So Jeff and I were watching it the otehr night and they repo people had to pick up a van. They pull and proceed to get the vin and license plate to make sure its the right car. The repo peeps would like every repo to be a voluntary repo which is where the owners hand over the keys no problems. So the owners of this particular van come outside and they happen to be brothers and one is handicapped. He was sitting in a wheelchair and he had only one leg. These were young guys and so I automatically assumed he was a veteran. Well as the show goes on the repo people find out that yes he is a veteran of war and they do not want to take their car from a veteran, especially since it is a van equipped with all the wheelchair accessibility that he would need. Well the repo peeps start talking to the vet and all of a sudden he story starts changing. The repo peep ask teh brother and he says something totally different well things begin to get heated. The brother begins to yell and push at the repo people while the vet is saying he has done his job and he served his 2 years in iraq and all this stuff. Well the head repo guy is a BIG guy and one you would not want to mess with. The brother pushes and the big repo guy pushes back and at that moment I and others watching that show were able to witness a miracle because the vet who lost his leg in iraq all of a sudden stood straight up and grew his leg back just in time to save his brother from getting his ass beat. Yeah he was full of crap and I have never been so angry before. I just couldn’t believe he would do that. I wished they didn’t have his face blurred out on the show so he would get his ass beat. I don’t wish violence on anyone but come on people when you do somewthing that horrible you atleast deserve to get popped pretty good in the mouth.


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