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So I sit here eating a ridiculously large brownie trying to figure out why you thought doing that was ok. Having that person as a friend completely diminishes our relationship. After everthing that person “Stacy” has done to us you as a grown adult think thats ok. You wonder why we aren’t close. This is why. You ruined that relatioship years ago. I am sorry but you can’t get it back. You made life a living hell for me and I just kept giving over and over. Chance after chance. Stacy made my life a living hell. I couldn’t go to school without hearing crap. You know I never told you all that because I didn’t want you to feel bad, but now I think you should know. Stacy came and told everything to everyone and I was questioned about it on a daily basis all 4 years!!!! Anytime you were there i knew about it because it was something to brag about…something to rub my nose in. Do you even realize my life revolved around you….every stupid decision you made we had to stop everything and tend to you….you know i never complained. I never said anything. I could of but I didn’t. I could have said HEY what about me…I am good why don’t I get the attention. But I grew up at a young age because of you. I saw things you will never know. I saw what your actions did to the people I love the most and I swore I would never do that to them and  I have kept good to that promise. I would like to hope that you have apologized for all that you have done but seeing that Stacy is your friend basically says you don’t care who you hurt in your path of destruction. Well not me…not anymore. I have officially put up the walls to you. You will never know because it is easier that way then have to listen to you justify what you think is right…..well you are wrong!


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Operation A-Hole How do you know?

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