Fake- To be or not to be

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I pride myself in NEVER being fake. Of course that means that I will inevitably ruffle some feathers. Let me clarify. I am not the person who thinks that you as a person need to hear every opinion I have on every topic what I mean is I will not lie nor lead you on. I will tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. I appreciate that type of honesty and because of that honesty I have friends that have been around for years.

Mom World

I have noticed in the mom world that there is no room for me. I see a sea of bleach white smiles and the latest fashion trends at functions. Now don’t get me wrong I love me some fashion but I love the fashion that represents me. I don’t like being a cookie. That could be a reason I don’t necessarily fit in. At these functions (whatever they may be, school or birthday party) I hear “Oh girl its been so long!! How are the kids?” one minute and then the other shoe drops, “Ugh she is so annoying! Her kid is a little shit! Always causing problems. Did you know…..” fill in the blank with any reputation ruining gossip. I don’t understand. If I don’t care for someone I don’t talk to them!!! Ever watched Bambi!?!?! I never understood the manipulation and fakeness that comes with female friendship. Let me give you an example:


Here is Susie age 40. Susie is always on point with her style. Susie always has smile on her face but Susie also likes to talk. So poor Susie has gone through 10 (a good even number) friends in the last 5 years. See Susie talked and she talked and she talked and what Susie had to say was never nice. Susie told of financial problems (that were not hers). Susie told of affairs that she didn’t have. Susie told of her friends problems to anyone who she thought was better. Susie was constantly climbing that ladder for the in crowd. Well one day Susie’s friends talked and now poor Susie has no friends except a pill popping 25 yr old that barely made it out of high school.

You see Susie was fake. Susie manipulated. Now Susie only has 1 good friend and that is still up for debate. Has Susie learned her lesson? Will Susie be fake? Will she manipulate? YES folks she will. If life has taught me anything its that at a certain age people don’t really change. Yes we grow but our core personality is still there. So in Susie’s case that is why she will continue down this destructive path.

I will pray for Susie.

Now for those like myself. You rock! Way to be honest with yourself and others!



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Mother and Wife Dam it Susie

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