Dam it Susie

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Ugh…..I don’t know if you could call it a dream or a nightmare. I am one who whole heartedly believes my dreams are telling me something so with the dream I had last night I had to do some investigating. So here is the dream the best I can remember:

          I am supposed to be meeting up with “Susie” for some family fun but I’m a little upset and feeling left out because she is ignoring me (Susie actually ignored a text that night before I fell asleep). So as I hunt her down I start losing teeth!!!! I’m just walking around holding a total of 7 teeth in my nicely manicured hand! Side note: I have had 4 manicures in my 31 yrs on this earth so that’s weird too. When I find her she tells me she will take me to get my teeth fixed. She takes me to one office but its closed because it’s the weekend. WE follow the GPS. to find another and it takes us into a building/bar/restaurant. As we make our way down a winding path we pass a table with two guys sitting there. One starts to hit on Susie. I abruptly say “uh no! Hello wedding ring!!” Meaning she is married. Shame on you for hitting on her! Well slut puppy Susie gets mad at ME! So as I continue walking down this path with 7 teeth in my manicured hand looking for this dentist office I have to listen to Susie gripe and complain. All of a sudden we come up on water and there fully submersed  in the water is a mobile dentist office?? (This is where it gets weird and starts jumping around). Next thing I know Susie and I are in the water!! Arguing and treading water at the same time. I just start yelling at her that she isn’t Susie and that that’s not the Susie I know!! Her eyes turn a grayish white and I yell one last time with all of me that she is not Susie and her face turns into freaking Linda Blair from the exorcist!!!!!

 Well needless to say that woke me up in a paralyzed fear!! That nightmare has bothered me all day! Apparently the teeth falling out and me carrying them mean something along the lines that I have poor self-esteem and money problems. Well dream way o hit the nail on the head.

I think the weird part was that I had plans with Susie the next day and every time she talked to a man (which was twice) I got this disgusted feeling. This feeling that just listening to her talk made me want to vomit. I have always known Susie to be a flirt but now I don’t see it as harmless flirting anymore (which it probably still is).


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